Amara Legal Center Condemns the Violent Mob that Descended on Washington, DC, to Overturn the Election Result and the Lack of Action by the Police

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Amara Legal Center (Amara) opposes and condemns yesterday’s violent insurgency led by Trump loyalists, right-wing operatives, and neo-Nazis that occurred in Washington, DC. While we are still reeling from the terrifying events at the Capitol, Amara recognizes that at the root of yesterday’s violence are centuries of oppression, racism, antisemitism, sexism, and white supremacy. Yesterday’s goal was clear: to perpetuate one of the principles on which this country was founded – the disenfranchisement of the minorities with the support of law enforcement.

During our No Show Ball (NSB), we focused on balancing the scales of justice, the disparate treatment people of color experience in the legal system, and re-victimization of people of color by the legal system. We shared that our clients are primarily Black and Brown cis and trans women, who have had negative and violent interactions with the police. Through research and client stories we shared the lived experiences of our clients and the root of their distrust for police, prosecutors, and the legal system; but yesterday provided us with a clear example of why our clients trust their traffickers more than they trust the police and the systems set up to “protect” them.

During the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests that occurred this summer in DC, Amara’s clients were shot at with rubber bullets, tear gassed, arrested, and targeted by police. As they stood in Black Lives Matter Plaza demanding their voices be heard, they were surrounded by police in full riot gear and members of our military. The tear gas burned their eyes as they were repeatedly hit with rubber bullets. In contrast, yesterday, Capitol Police were underrepresented, officers took selfies with insurgents, ran from them, opened barricades for them to enter the Capitol, and gently escorted them out of the building. The difference between the police response to our clients and the police (lack of) response to the treasonist mob is stark but unsurprising. It is clear the police know how to respond without using force, but it seems only when it upholds systemic racism and oppression.

Amara stands with its clients against fascism, white supremacy, and racism. Silence is complicity and we will not be silent. 

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