Meet our 2022 Ambassadors

Julia Hubbard is a Survivor, turned investigator specializing in Criminal Profiling, Human Trafficking, Open Source Intelligence, E-Commerce, Fraud, and Social Media Intelligence. I am a senior board member of the VA Coalition Against Human Trafficking and an Ambassador for Amara Legal Center.

“As an Amara Ambassador, I look forward to expanding my advocacy skills, pushing for policy and legislation regarding the complex issues of human trafficking, and engaging new audiences to inform and educate them about stigma and the myths surrounding trafficking. I am excited to have been invited to participate as an expert witness on the same subject at our nation’s capital. I am interested in networking with agencies and advocacy groups who are interested in helping shape and develop new ways for victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse to find justice. Survivors are put in a unique and unjustly dangerous position when escaping, so my goal is to support that effort by acting as an consultant, investigator and liaison between survivors and police, while my clients remain anonymous until they are ready to move forward, and while preserving the integrity of the evidence.”

Apply to be a 2023 Ambassador

Amara’s Ambassador application process is closed for 2022. If you are interested in being an Amara Ambassador in 2023, please complete the online application to apply by November 1, 2022.

The Amara Legal Center provides free trauma-informed legal representation, access to support services, and advocacy for a more equitable legal system for individuals impacted by sex trafficking or involved in sex work in the DC-metro area.

The Amara Ambassador Program brings together survivors, family members of survivors, individuals from marginalized populations, and people who are passionate about Amara’s work to center their lived experiences in order to help advance Amara’s mission.

Amara Ambassadors will gain professional experience and leadership skills while assisting staff in conveying Amara’s mission to a broad and diverse audience, and ultimately helping us serve more individuals in need of our services. Ambassadors promote Amara’s services and, programs, advocate on behalf of our clients and other marginalized populations, and provide
staff with support and input on special projects. Amara creates a unique work plan for our Ambassadors based on their professional and personal development goals and the strategic needs of the organization.

If you enjoy communicating with people and are passionate about social justice and seeking to increase your professional development skills, whether that is writing, marketing and public relations, public speaking, trainings, advocacy, and more, we would like to meet you.

Examples of the type of professional skills development we can provide, but not limited to, are listed below:

    • Participating in trainings for stakeholders (Social service providers, law enforcement, court personnel, medical professionals)
    • Marketing/communications (social media, developing content for our website, social media platforms, newsletters, videos, etc.)
    • Fundraising (Corporate fundraising, Individual donors, Peer-to-peer)
    • Policy/advocacy (Speaking at local hearings, providing written testimony, Conducting research)
    • Community Outreach (Colleges and universities, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Latinx, Disability)
    • Other areas of interest

To be a successful Amara Ambassador, you will:

      • Need to be 16 years and older (parent/guardian consent required for those under 18 years of age).
      • Identify why you want to be an Amara Ambassador by filling out the brief application
      • Identify your desired area of interest for professional development (ex: Trainings for stakeholders, marketing/communications, fundraising, policy/advocacy, outreach)
      • Participate in an onboarding training with staff.
      • Allow Amara to use your photo and image for marketing purposes (OPTIONAL)
      • Be available at least 10 hours/month for 1 year to perform tasks and to share Amara content with your network and other targeted groups (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Law enforcement, Medical professionals, College and university students, Local and national elected officials)
      • Document time worked on tasks
      • Sign Ambassador and Confidentiality agreements

Based on the information you provide to us on your completed questionnaire, an Amara staff member will contact you for an interview. If selected as an Amara Ambassador, we will meet with you to outline various available special projects and create a specific job description based on your interests and Amara’s organizational needs.

Additional Skills
Individuals personally impacted by commercial sex or trafficking, and/or members of marginalized populations (i.e. Women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+) are especially encouraged to apply, In addition, you should have:

      • A passion for Amara’s mission
      • An interest in social justice issues, racial equity and criminal justice reform
      • A commitment to and understanding of Amara’s clients and human trafficking issues
      • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for improving the lives of Amara’s clients
      • Excellent communication and writing skills
      • A professional attitude
      • An outgoing, friendly personality, and a desire to meet new people

Ambassadors receive a $2500 stipend for this role within the organization.[/mk_fancy_title]


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