Oxana Romanyuk

Marketing and Sales Coordinator
Be Here Now Yoga

Oxana Romanyuk administers, monitors, and reports +$1.5 million in annual travel expense for corporate, non-profit, and government accounts. She coordinates client travel including air, hotel, car rental, and travel insurance, and negotiates advantageous rates with suppliers. Ms. Romanyuk holds a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from the University of New Mexico and has an extensive experience in travel planning and logistics.

Ms. Romanyuk used to work at the Amara Legal Center as Director of Development and Administration. She was deeply inspired by the unique vision and passion of Amara’s founders to serve individuals harmed by the commercial sex trade. Currently being a board member, Ms. Romanyuk stays involved in the development work for Amara helping the team organize awareness events and fundraise to further Amara’s mission.

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