Amara works to ensure our clients are able to live self-determined lives. Our greatest strength is our commitment to a client-centered approach, allowing us to offer excellent legal representation that is culturally humble and trauma-informed.

Racism underpins the systemic inequality our clients face. Our clients come from marginalized communities yet are overrepresented among victim and offender populations.

We are determined to shape policy that creates a more equitable justice system in which poverty is not criminalized and victims’ services are readily accessible.

Amara’s service model takes into account a client’s well-being, not just legal outcomes. Our attorneys are trained in providing trauma-informed legal services and are devoted to providing comprehensive support, making sure that our clients know they are not navigating their cases alone.

Amara aims to reduce harm to our clients and their communities by working to:

  • Develop initiatives on policies that directly impact our clients
  • Reduce violence against individuals involved in commercial sex

Amara’s staff is culturally humble and committed to creating a safe environment for our diverse client population.

Amara’s client-centered approach uplifts the voices of both sex workers and trafficking survivors to guide us in our decisions.

We are proud of our collaborative efforts and have developed valuable partnerships with a diverse range of organizations.

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