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Expungement of Criminal Records

Many of Amara’s clients have criminal records for prostitution or related charges, even if their involvement in the commercial sex industry was against their will. These records can restrict survivors from finding legal employment, receiving publicly funded housing, and from other social services. Amara assists clients in filing petitions of expungement.

Civil Protection Orders

Amara helps clients obtain restraining orders against abusers, including traffickers and/or buyers.

Sara's Story

Amara represented Sara* in court to obtain protection from her trafficker who was sending her threatening messages about how he planned to harm her and her children. Since we obtained an extension of Sara’s Civil Protection Order, her trafficker has ceased contacting her.

* Name has been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Family Law

Amara helps clients re-gain custody of their children, who may be in the custody of pimps, family members, or the state. Amara also represents clients in divorce cases from their abusers.

Victim-witness Advocacy

Many clients require witness advocates in criminal cases against their pimps or buyers. Some clients need a criminal defense attorney as a result of charges brought against them. Amara works with all clients to navigate the criminal justice system and prepare them for testifying in court.

Jessica's Story

Jessica’s* former trafficker has been charged with state-level human trafficking for the brutal crimes he committed against her and others. Amara is serving as her victim advocate to ensure that she receives the mandatory restitution she deserves.

* Name has been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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