Stacie E. Reimer, Esq.

Founding Partner

Stacie Reimer is the Founding Partner at Amara. Ms. Reimer has a passion for providing direct legal services to any individual who has been harmed by commercial sex, no matter how that individual came to be involved in the industry. Ms. Reimer holds a J.D. from Georgetown University Law School, where she was a Public Interest Law Scholar, a Senior Writing Fellow, and a member of the Domestic Violence Clinic. She has years of experience working with survivors of sex trafficking and sexual assault in both the legal and social services fields.


Prior to law school, Ms. Reimer served as a Peace Corps youth development volunteer for two years in Bulgaria, where she worked with youth who had already been sold for sex or were at risk of being trafficked. Ms. Reimer served as a case manager at a transitional housing organization for one year in Seattle, Washington, where she worked with homeless women and children. Ms. Reimer is licensed to practice law in Maryland and in the District of Columbia.

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